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Time – The Raw Material Of Success

Time is the mysterious and unexplained raw material of everything the world has to offer us.  With time you can achieve everything.  Without giving adequate time you can achieve nothing.  The miraculous part of nature is as you wake up in the morning your bags are filled with 24 hours of all the potential that universe could offer to man.  It is yours.  A highly precious possession with which you can spin whatever you want.

The wonderful part is no one can steal it from you.  No one can take from you.  The best part is it is equally given to all.  No one receives more or less of it.

In the realm of time there is no aristocracy of wealth, there is no distinction of rich and poor.  Whether you are highly qualified and endowed with the best of intellect or merely an illiterate you will be given an equal amount of time by nature.  No one is rewarded more because of his power or position or merit.

Some have used time more effectively than others and many have squandered it, whiling it away in small gossip, unnecessary and unproductive pursuits.  Some have brilliantly exposed the perfect usage of time to amass wealth, name and fame rising from abject poverty and unequal backgrounds.

We all have 24 hours to this day.  Let us make the most of it!


Srinivasan Gopal