Quantum Create

I had always used the word Quantum Leap to mean a big leap, a sizable move covering a long distance or a major change. Most people I talk to use the term to mean a major move forward. But in physics from where the term originates, it means a very tiny move at the sub atomic levels, much smaller than the diameter of the nucleus of an atom. The only difference from the physical perspective of a quantum leap to sub atomic quantum leap is the significance and impact of the move itself.

In the Quantum Leap, the sub atomic particles – the neutrons, protons or quarks or even smaller levels as yet not fully understood – move from one point to another without passing through or traversing the intermediate points or space.

The sub atomic particles travel from one point to another simply by appearing from point A to point B. This transmutation or teleportation is still the subject of science fiction and not understood by the modern science or the physicists. The subatomic particles can also change at will from waves to particles and back to waves, move back and forth in time and change the levels of energy at will or as per the observers expectations. That’s another long subject and a little complex. But applying the same concept to Creation, you are the creator of your Universe.

I wrote this a couple of years back. This was the period when I started working on the principles of quantum creation.

“My favorite pastime is dreaming. Whenever and wherever possible, whether in the midst of meetings, a presentation, while working at my desk, while taking my bath or even while talking to people, I escape into my world of dreams. One part of my mind is conjuring up its own dream world while another part is engaged in the so called real world. Sometimes I wonder which is real and which an illusion.”

I take the quantum leap and am in places which I have never visited. This could be a place, I saw in the Discovery Channel, or had the visual impact of Vatican in my mind from a live telecast or even some fleeting scene of a geographic location from a movie. I day dream and am in exotic places all over the world.

As I create, I find them materializing in the real world. This is now more popularly referred to as the Law of Attraction. I call it the Quantum Creation. My Quantum Leaps have materialized into the real or the material world. I have traveled to many countries in the real world, many desires have become real as if I have a magic wand in hand. Sometimes the creation process is so fast, I am taken aback. Sometimes of course it takes several months, even years. But in my mind, I feel the unraveling of the secret. How the whole process of creation could be simple if only we believe in it.

In the Quantum world the subatomic particles gets from point A to B without traversing the intermediate space. But in the material world this may take a little more getting around to before you reach the object of your desire. As you acquire the expertise, you may be able to take the Quantum Leap yourself.

The fairy tales can come true.

Would you like to Quantum Create. Then join me in the journey and I will share several concepts and tricks to create all that you dream of and desire. Come back often for crazy ideas that may yet transform your life.

Self Publishing – A New Era is Just Beginning

There is huge crowd baying for blood. Yes I refer to all those publishers who are trying to put down Amazon. A publishing revolution is on which is shaking the very foundations of the staid old book world. There was a time not long ago, to become an author was the stuff of dreams (Or was it nightmares?). Now John Doe or Plain Jane could sit down and write a book over the weekend and get it published! And they can hit it off with the readers if they have something valuable to say or narrate the same centuries old story that we have all read in a different angle, with a different twist.I really like to read the old tales in their new avatar in the modern context. That’s really the freedom of expression. Do you now understand why Facebook and Twitter are such a hit?  Because everyone has an opportunity to speak and say what they want to say and there is willing audience to listen.

Amazon Kindle books have caught the imagination of the people and today’s communication revolution has been waiting for just such a development in the reading habits.  If we go with the views of the traditional publishers, how is it that there is such a huge sales happening over at the Kindle?  How is it that Kindle electronic books have even overtaken the physical books? I even read some research reports which says there is a surge in the reading habits of the young. Is that a positive development?

In this context I loved the speech of Neil Gaiman reacting to the traditional publishers he said “When the rules are gone you can make up your own rules. You can fail, you can fail more interestingly, you can try things, and you can succeed in ways nobody would have thought of, because you’re pushing through a door marked no entrance, you’re walking in through it.”

Speaking of Amazon, they have opened the doors for ordinary people like you and me to enter the cloistered portals of the literati.  We can now dare to dream of becoming writers, say and share what we feel must be said in our own ways. If I go by my own experience, people love the knowledge, the information in the common man’s language of everyday experience. When I too read many of the kindle books, I love and identify with the language of the ordinary. I appreciate the wisdom though it may not be said in perfect English and many a time even grammatically incorrect English. I don’t want grammar which I cannot understand.  I want all the knowledge which I can easily understand and digest.

As Gaiman says, the only real prediction is its all changing.



New Year 2013 – Plan Transformational Changes

One more exciting New Year is just ahead holding out its promises and possibilities. It’s also the time to wonder whether we have achieved all that we wanted to achieve. Is the goal list getting ticked off or a forgotten page somewhere in the diary?

It is now on top of everyone’s mind to get back on track, set new goals, and look forward to a great New Year 2013!

Come to think of it, isn’t Goal setting very mundane and ordinary. Does goal setting really work? How many goals have you set and achieved in all these years? Every motivational book that you read, every speaker worth his salt, extols the virtues of Goal Setting. You have been told to set achievable goals, break it down into one or two at a time, and achieve them.

Then life comes along and you are swept away in its current with all the goals a distant ‘To-Do’ list in the diary or in your mind and yet another new year dawns with a new list. Honestly how many goals you have been able to achieve and tick off the list all your life.

To put things bluntly goal setting doesn’t work. Not in the conventional sense in which it is taught and practiced. If it did, we would all have achieved most of the goals that we wrote every New Year.

What hasn’t worked all these years is not going to work in future too unless you change the very paradigm.

A Total Shift in Perspective

Begin this New Year with something different and dramatic. Why not settle for a momentous change in the Year 2013. A change, a quantum leap that will leave you and your life transformed forever. What better time than to set your thoughts on a historic high and make a change so dramatic, the world should sit up and take note.

Goal setting can be done anytime of the year, not just on the New Years Eve but any day or even everyday. The fact is if you are not taking up your goals book and adding something to it everyday, your goal setting is a one day wonder, which will vanish with the peals of the New Year bell.

So what is momentous change? A momentous change is change, which will have far reaching consequences in your life. This will be change that is of utmost significance to your life and people around you.

It’s just a simple three step process.

1.  Decide All That You Want

2.  Know Why You Want It

3.  Find Out How to Achieve It All

Decide All That You Want

Examine each and every area and actions in your life. These could be ordinary things like your habits to your ambitions.  Decide what you want from every facet of your life from change in your habits and actions to your dreams and desires.

Do you walk tall or slouched, do you constantly sport a scowl instead of a smile, what about those excess tire of flesh around the middle, do you react calmly or under pressure when confronted with obstacles, is your speech soft and pleasing or hard and jerky, are you friendly, are you honest, do you have feelings of lack instead of being thankful for all that you got, are you working hard, do you believe in yourself, are your relationships in order, do you have a positive mindset, are you contributing  effectively to your family, organization, society, taking that dream vacation  You may want to examine every thought, move, and action and list out all that you want for a better life.

While walking talking and thinking examine all your negativities and add the improvements that you desire in your list. Decide all that you want from life.

You have to decide that no longer are you going to put up with a mediocre life. No longer is the low income, obese middle aged life for you. You are going to grow younger with each passing year, work better, earn more, and be physically fit. To enjoy life.

Know Why You Want It

Knowing why you want something would motivate you to reach your objectives faster. Do not do anything to keep up with the joneses but for attaining your own happiness. The reason for achieving something relates to the emotional aspect and creates a persistence of purpose.

Create compelling reasons for achieving all that you want. This will give you sufficient drive and focus to follow through on all your plans.

Now instead of setting goals, make a list. List out all the things that you want changed, all the things that you ever wanted to do, all the achievements that you desire. Don’t be restrictive. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the big things you have in mind but feel they are too big for you to attempt. The list should contain at the minimum of 50 things you want achieved.

If you want to make a quantum leap make a bold and aggressive list. A momentous change requires that all your dreams be listed along with the improvements that you seek. To have and get it all at one stroke, have a transformational vision of the ideal life in all the areas that you are not comfortable with and want changed and list them out.

Your list may touch upon all areas of life. Good health, abundant wealth, loving relationships, highest success, living life passionately! These are the material and physical part of the life. On the mental level, spiritual development, a loving personality, change in beliefs, mindsets, habits that will propel you into being a new person – include all that you desire on the conceptual and mental levels that will make your life better and happier.

Find Out How to Achieve It All 

Now you have examined your actions, you have made a list of 50 things that you want changed and achieved; the final step is to take Rapid Massive Action. Just think if you go by the conventional wisdom of setting small goals and achieving them, it may take a lifetime to achieve any visible results. If you spend a lifetime on small achievements, you may end up as a bitter man with an incomplete life.

If you take massive action on all the material, physical and mental goals you want to achieve, you may have a few failures but you are likely to succeed in more areas than what you would otherwise achieve with a small set of goals.

Remember “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Once you decide what all you want achieved the next step is easy. All solutions are available or they will present itself the moment you have taken a decision.

Massive actions call for a phenomenal focus. Focus on all the things you want achieved and keep taking continuous actions on each area through the day, week, and the month.  Learn to think in new ways. Take massive, powerful actions continually to experience the surge of change, improvement, and success in all areas of your life. No more the mediocre, small steps but powerful strides that will take you to your success, achievements, and happiness.

Let this 2013 be a New Year that ushers in Rapid Massive Momentous Change In Your Life.


New Year 2012 – Give Yourself Three Invaluable Gifts!

I hope all of you had a great 2011.  If you answered with an yes, set bigger goals.  Do more in 2012.  If not, nothing to worry.  You can begin again and get great things done in 2012.

Give Yourself Three Invaluable Gifts

As I do every year I begin the New Year by giving myself a message.  I also share this message with friends who appreciate my thoughts. This helps me set my perspective for the oncoming year, overcome limitations of the past year and move forward in new directions and set new ways of thinking.  We all know that if we continue to do what we did, we will get the same results what we got last year.  So let us begin the New Year with new positive thoughts.  There is so much to do, so much to achieve, so much to learn and so much to enjoy and be happy about.

To be absolutely honest, I have never got around to fulfilling most of my New Year resolutions any year.  I believe this is so with most of us.  If everything went on perfectly like clockwork much of the thrill of the achievement would be lost.

Where did I go wrong?  How could I set easy resolutions that are important enough for me to achieve them?  And what qualities do I require that I achieve my New Year resolutions?

I realize now that the rigidity of the resolutions and the strict disciplines of executing the goals regime weaken the fun element.  Instead of enjoying the journey of personal development and achievement we end up more stressed with the New Year resolutions.

I think most of us lack the one quality that can help us achieve all our resolutions – COMMITMENT.  At least that is the truth for me.  I get excited at the possibilities that a new year offers – possibilities of better health, progress in my career, earning more money, better relations with my family, friends and peers.  But the as the year progresses, the hard knocks of life weakens the resolve and somewhere down the line we lose the commitment to our new year goals and objectives.  The routine sets in and we forget all about it till the next year.  Get committed to dream big dreams, turn the dreams into vision and vision into actions goals into achievements.

Give yourself 3 gifts during this New Year 2012.

1.  Dreams

“The future you see is the future you get” said Robert G. Allen.  The very recent history is proof that people who had wild dreams were the people who made world a different place than what it could have turned out to be.  As recently as the 18th century no one could imagine flying at great speeds and reach distant places in hours which took days and even months.  No one could imagine hearing and seeing people far and wide by just flicking a switch.

Such progress is the result of men who saw a future beyond logic and common sense, and dreamt of things that were a flight of fancy and fairy tales.  Although their thoughts transcended logic, science helped turn their wildest dreams into reality for these men.

The message of history is clear.  Dream big!  As Pablo Picasso said “Everything you can imagine is real.”  Dream unreasonable and dream the impossible.  A big dream is one that is not quantifiable; it is timeless, has no geographic boundaries, transcends religion and inspires not just you but the world.

When you can create a dream that is big enough it will be liberating and make you soar into skies of fame and wealth.  It will entail risks, but excite you into action and achievement.  It will be rewarding and propel into a new dimensions of happiness, fame and riches.

Do you need any more reasons to gift yourself Big Dreams in in the New Year 2012?

2.  Fearlessness 

When you walk the path of Big Dreams, you will be confronted with fear.  Fear of losing it all.  But the ancient text of Rig Veda says “Fearlessness is the gateway to success. One should therefore shun all kinds of fear.

Fear is a demon which keeps whispering messages in your ears preventing you from doing all the things that you would like to do and dissuade with countless reasons for not doing what is right.

Fear can stop us from achieving our dreams and aspirations.  Learn to understand the negative state, which is the originator of all fear.  Confront your fears and decide on what is right.  Don’t let the negativity and fear cloud your judgment of the right and wrong.  If you are right let nothing come in the way of your decisions.  Be prepared to face the worst for doing the right things.

Fear is the worst enemy of all dreams.  Make the new year 2012 fearless to pursue your dreams.

3.  Health

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity – World Health Organization

To accomplish all our dreams, to be fearless, we need a body which is brimming with health, a mind full of energy and positive attitude towards our fellow human beings.

Good health is the backbone of life.  Whatever your accomplishments, if you are not keeping a good physical or mental health, life would not be worth living and there can be no happiness even if you have all the riches of the world.

Start the New Year 2012 with a good plan for your physical health with an exercise and physical fitness regime.  It is easy to achieve good mental health by building positive attitudes.  Read extensively and learn new things to nourish your mind.

Go for your dreams with fearlessness and build good health to fuel the energy required to make all your dreams come true in the New Year 2012!


Time – The Raw Material Of Success

Time is the mysterious and unexplained raw material of everything the world has to offer us.  With time you can achieve everything.  Without giving adequate time you can achieve nothing.  The miraculous part of nature is as you wake up in the morning your bags are filled with 24 hours of all the potential that universe could offer to man.  It is yours.  A highly precious possession with which you can spin whatever you want.

The wonderful part is no one can steal it from you.  No one can take from you.  The best part is it is equally given to all.  No one receives more or less of it.

In the realm of time there is no aristocracy of wealth, there is no distinction of rich and poor.  Whether you are highly qualified and endowed with the best of intellect or merely an illiterate you will be given an equal amount of time by nature.  No one is rewarded more because of his power or position or merit.

Some have used time more effectively than others and many have squandered it, whiling it away in small gossip, unnecessary and unproductive pursuits.  Some have brilliantly exposed the perfect usage of time to amass wealth, name and fame rising from abject poverty and unequal backgrounds.

We all have 24 hours to this day.  Let us make the most of it!


Srinivasan Gopal