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I’m Srinivasan Gopal and I write this blog on Internet Marketing.
I am a managerial professional and motivational & success trainer but passionate about internet marketing.  I would like to help aspiring entrepreneurs to make the transition from failure to successful internet entrepreneurs.  Internet marketing is filled with many pitfalls in terms of overcoming the technology gap for the non techies, sharks in the guise of internet marketing gurus selling
failed and outdated programs, outdated information which make you buy product after product that may never lead you to the elusive success and the dream of an internet lifestyle.

I started in 2010 after encountering all these problems and thousands of dollars down the drain. Now I have many websites earning me some income . is an effort to save my fellow travellers on the internet journey all
the pain and wasted money. It is my personal assurance that in this site the suggestions given or products recommended will be the best.

To contact me, please email