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I Am the Self. Luminescent. Light that is timeless. I Am that. I Am the the knowledge and the knower. I AM the universe. Like space I am in it and outside it. I Am unaffected by the good and bad. I am unaffected by joy and sorrow. I create all emotions for the experience of it. I am the creator of everything for the body to experience life. I Am the Self which is just the witness of the experience of the universe, created by me the self.

Law of Manifesting – How to Think

Whatever the life that we lead is the direct reflection of what we have in our mind. If the mind is filled with thoughts of fear, calamity, poverty or whatever negativities that a mind is capable of conjuring up, then life will be a mirror reflection of the thoughts.

The Law of Manifesting is a very clear and scientific principle. If you plant the seeds of a mango tree and expect to harvest apples, you are living in a world of delusion. Similarly, you cannot think of things going wrong and expect that the best will happen to you. If you expect that the day is going to be bad, you have planted the seeds of negative expectation. You cannot then expect the day to turn out to be good. If your thoughts are of lack of money you cannot expect the money to materialise. You have already seeded your mind with ‘No Money’ trees. So you cannot expect it to yield ‘Money’. You have to plant a ‘Money’ tree for it to bloom and flower and fruit into Money.

So here are a few ideas to grow the best fruiting trees in your mind.

Reduce the thoughts in your mind. Keep it empty as much as possible. It is better to be in a thoughtless mind frame rather than think negative thoughts.

Think only of positive things and outcomes for everything action that you take. Think of the best and you will get only the best. Create a visual imagery of the good things that you want in your life. Look at pictures. Collect the minute details of the stuff that you want and visualise it in all its colour, shape, size and glory. When your mind has nothing better to do start visualising it.

All our possessions give us some joy, comfort, pleasure. These are emotions that get satisfied when you achieve what you want. Whenever you wish to have anything and visualize it, also imagine the emotions attached with possessing the material or achieving the objectives.

Don’t bring the negativity of any kind, sadness, lack, and the unpleasant into your mind. Life is a Song of Pleasure, of Freedom. Make it joyful by thinking the right thoughts. I am reminded of the “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran.

Pleasure is a freedom song,
But it is not freedom.
It is the blossoming of your desires,
But it is not their fruit.
It is a depth calling unto a height,
But it is not the deep nor the high.
It is the caged taking wing,
But it is not space encompassed.
Ay, in very truth, pleasure is a freedom-song

Quantum Create

I had always used the word Quantum Leap to mean a big leap, a sizable move covering a long distance or a major change. Most people I talk to use the term to mean a major move forward. But in physics from where the term originates, it means a very tiny move at the sub atomic levels, much smaller than the diameter of the nucleus of an atom. The only difference from the physical perspective of a quantum leap to sub atomic quantum leap is the significance and impact of the move itself.

In the Quantum Leap, the sub atomic particles – the neutrons, protons or quarks or even smaller levels as yet not fully understood – move from one point to another without passing through or traversing the intermediate points or space.

The sub atomic particles travel from one point to another simply by appearing from point A to point B. This transmutation or teleportation is still the subject of science fiction and not understood by the modern science or the physicists. The subatomic particles can also change at will from waves to particles and back to waves, move back and forth in time and change the levels of energy at will or as per the observers expectations. That’s another long subject and a little complex. But applying the same concept to Creation, you are the creator of your Universe.

I wrote this a couple of years back. This was the period when I started working on the principles of quantum creation.

“My favorite pastime is dreaming. Whenever and wherever possible, whether in the midst of meetings, a presentation, while working at my desk, while taking my bath or even while talking to people, I escape into my world of dreams. One part of my mind is conjuring up its own dream world while another part is engaged in the so called real world. Sometimes I wonder which is real and which an illusion.”

I take the quantum leap and am in places which I have never visited. This could be a place, I saw in the Discovery Channel, or had the visual impact of Vatican in my mind from a live telecast or even some fleeting scene of a geographic location from a movie. I day dream and am in exotic places all over the world.

As I create, I find them materializing in the real world. This is now more popularly referred to as the Law of Attraction. I call it the Quantum Creation. My Quantum Leaps have materialized into the real or the material world. I have traveled to many countries in the real world, many desires have become real as if I have a magic wand in hand. Sometimes the creation process is so fast, I am taken aback. Sometimes of course it takes several months, even years. But in my mind, I feel the unraveling of the secret. How the whole process of creation could be simple if only we believe in it.

In the Quantum world the subatomic particles gets from point A to B without traversing the intermediate space. But in the material world this may take a little more getting around to before you reach the object of your desire. As you acquire the expertise, you may be able to take the Quantum Leap yourself.

The fairy tales can come true.

Would you like to Quantum Create. Then join me in the journey and I will share several concepts and tricks to create all that you dream of and desire. Come back often for crazy ideas that may yet transform your life.