About Me


I’m Srinivasan Gopal and I write this blog on my favourite subjects which are very wide but includes motivational thoughts, internet marketing and writing.

I am a managerial professional working a full time job in the automobile sector.  I am also a motivational & success trainer.  I like to devote time to help people improve their knowledge and skills and succeed.

As a marketing professional, I am passionate about new communication technologies and spend time as an internet marketing evangelist.  I would like to help aspiring entrepreneurs to make the transition from traditional marketing techniques to new tools & technology of marketing.

I started SrinivasanGopal.com in 2010 to share some interesting thoughts on personal development and new and innovative methods of reaching customers.  These are ideas and concepts which I firmly believe will help fellow human beings.

If you feel like writing to me and share your thoughts I will be happy to respond and even publish your views.  Please email srinivasan@Srinivasnagopal.com

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